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The Alaia surf is a particular board that is handcrafted starting from a block of Paulonia, a very light and easy to grow wood.
Its peculiarity is the sharpness of the curvature that allows the absence of fins and most important it has an environmental impact equal to zero, being built in wood only.
Size: from 4' to 6'5


This bodyboard has the same characteristics as the Alaia surf; in fact it is done with the same technique, starting from a block of Paulonia and getting the curvatures that allow you to ride the waves lightly.
Size: from 3' to 4'


A handplane is a mini surfboard. The handplane serves as a planning device on the water surfaceand allows you to ride the wave faster, longer and with more control when you are bodysurfing.
Size: 1'


Like in any sport, our athletes need to be trained, so we created our balance boards.
They can be used in training for skateboarding, surfing but also climbing, yoga and rehabilitation.
The table top is covered with fabric to give grip to the foot or the classic sandpaper. Obviously everything is handcrafted.