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Dance of African-American origin that, between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, spread to the South of the United States in the field of music-hall.
Johnny takes that name again for his dancing deck made entirely of wood in his workshop: 43'', symmetrical double kick, light concave and medium flexibility.


The socks is a wooden deck and has been designed to surf the asphalt in the best and ecologicaly way.
From 27" to 32", with an elliptical concave, kick and nose pissed off and the possibility to setup the best surfskate trucks!
Perfect for wooden waves, park but also for daily trips due to its size. Obviously everything is handcrafted.


Like in any sport, our athletes need to be trained, so we created our balance boards.
They can be used in training for skateboarding, surfing but also climbing, yoga and rehabilitation.
The table top is covered with fabric to give grip to the foot or using sandpaper. Obviously everything is handcrafted.


Johnny Be Wood gives you the opportunity to customize the shape, curves and graphics of your deck, click on the botton and write us!