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The story of Johnny Be Wood starts in 2013 in a little courtyard in Turin by a group of passionate longboarders / skateboarders with the passion for the handcraft.

After producing several decks using the most sought-after as fibers and resins we realized that it was not part of our nature. We knew that every board created with these materials was an indispensable ecological weight, impossible to dispose of and toxic.

In 2017, therefore, we decided to concentrate our efforts on creating decks entirely with environmentally friendly and disposable products, researching the most varied wood essences and giving the right feeling to every deck, whether cruising, dancingdown hill or surfboards.

All Johnny’s boards are given to some top riders for testing and the feedback is extremely accurate, a in order to get the better ride experience!

In 2019 we introduced the part of creating musical instruments, a passion that has accompanied us since childhood, so that we can handcraft everything that is really important to us.


In wood we craft.

Johnny Be Wood


Our boards are made entirely of local wood and we use water based products to reduce the impact on nature and to ensure that they are 100% disposable.


We work with our hands, this allows us to customize each board following the pleasure of the rider who orders them. We only use traditional woodworking machinery, there is no numerical control at the base of our work.


We are a small workshop, managed by only two people but we carry forward our project head on and we do not care how many chips we have in our hands, the guys will continue ride Johnny Be Wood.